Weak Ties

by Weak Ties

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rouven Bienert in January 2016.
Artwork by Oliver Lenz.


released February 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Weak Ties Bielefeld, Germany

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Track Name: Concerned Citizen
Your black and white world
Turns into red
When you feel encircled
From something you call a threat
You're sightless
You're mindless
You're sightless
You're mindless
Track Name: Constrained
Do you care about your
Allegedly tied hands
And blind eyes
This is a dazzling lie!
A hit with tied hands
Is still an attempt
A hit with tied hands
Is still an attempt
Track Name: I Won't
Not as unconditional as you pretend
Telling the story again and again
Dependency, anxiety
The idea is right
But where is the feat in your
Retold tale?
Unattainable moral
Unbearable standards
Confined words about being different
Unattainable moral
Unbearable standards
You make yourself
Joining the ranks
You're concurrently fighting against
Words are words
Fuck off your uniforms
I will never join these ranks
Track Name: Your Fuss
It's all about your conscience
It's all about your complacency
A threat
And you'll fall back in line
A threat
And you'll fall back in line
A threat
And you'll fall right in line
That is your shelter
That is your ploy
Your gain is your content
But you'll never win
Fuck, you're worthless
Track Name: Running on Knives
Devoted to all this
Which creates this fucking
Sea of shit
Restrained smiles
Vaccined brains
Running on knives
Track Name: Hands Down Favorite
They make you saying 'yes'
They make you follow unquestioningly
Without any fucking demur
They make you
Maintain the values
Shifting the blame
Life is empty
So fill it with shit
You are the hands down favorite
Track Name: Catatonic
Bend yourself until you break
So much effort
But no stirring
Track Name: Nothing Will Ever be Enough
You don't want that much
You want more
You want everything
Preparing yourself for something
Your whole life long
But you will never know what for
There's no completeness
And it will never be
Drowning in excess
And still running for more
..but where is the breaking point?
Track Name: Out of Patience
Perpetually happy
But when your pain exceeds
You don't want no place
In this world anymore
Lacking perspective
Kept in captivity
They say like it or lump it
Track Name: Mutism
I don't know
How something can make me
So weary and pissed
At the same time
No tether
No salvation
Not only your hand is trembling
Not only your hand is trembling
No tether
No relief
We are all equally fucked up
Some only hide it better